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Copywriting ~ it’s about so much more than just words

Copywriting is possibly the most important tool in your marketing tool box and of course, words are at the core of everything you do. Yes everything; networking, web copy, mailshots, PR, presentations, the lot. You need to be sure that you get it right but have you really got time to scribble away into the early hours just to rip it all up in the morning as too salesy or naff?   And do you really know how to persuade your reader to stick around or buy your product?

So how hard can it be? I hear you ask

Well all you have to remember is this: it’s not about you but it is about your identity, voice, values and aims. It is about them and us, pain points and emotions. It’s about SEO and search engines, but it’s also about not being too SEO and search engine like. It’s about reputations and awareness. It’s about selling but not selling. It’s about stories and facts.

And there’s more. It’s about being concise but comprehensive, informative but not boring. It’s about being creative but a little scientific too. It’s about apostrophes and just one word. Or it’s about writing volumes. And it’s about being charismatic and a little bit irresistible.

Give me a call, drop me an email or just send a pigeon

Not sure I can put my money where my mouth is and whip you up some butt kicking copy? Well why not get in touch. I can send you some examples of before and after copywriting or if you send me a short extract of your existing copy, I’ll send you 3 tips on how to improve it. If I can improve it. And if I can’t, I’ll just give you a pat on the back and wish you well.

A little bit more than most copywriters

I try to offer that little bit more. I aim to inspire you, support you and if I can, teach you, so that if you want to write your own copy, you keep getting better. I provide all sorts of valuable extras, such as phone support, reminders, workshops and templates and have the added advantage of being a seasoned public speaker so I can help you to draw all the threads of your communications together. It really is about more than words and it’s just one of the reasons i’m multi award winning.

So call me. Let’s chat. I’ll take a look at what you’ve got and you’ll be on your way to some spine tingling copy.

Oh and why disruptive?

Because I like to take what you’ve been writing, shake it up a little and make it different and make it better.

So whatever, you’re looking for, have a browse around. You’ll find lots of tips and advice on my resources page, you can get free advice straight to your inbox with my newsletter or better still, just contact me and we’ll talk.


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“Working with Lucy was fun. She’s hard working and dynamic and produced some fantastic copy which got right to the core of my business.”

Karrie Mellor (Owner of Bags of Support)